March 2021 Bio Sonic Dreamscape

Bio-Sonic Dreamscape is a virtual environment that captures the essence of Hailen Jackson's melody, Drift 1. These sounds were produced by connecting plants to synths, deepening our relationship to the Earth. The intention behind this was to encourage sleep, using nature as a means to ease the soul. Each artwork deconstructs the brief down to its core elements, creating an organic hallucinatory cosmos of a distant astral plane. In this I have created a space for the viewer to situate themselves; as a reminder to wind down and experience the healing benefits of the natural world.


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February 2021 Anthropocene

Anthropocene describes the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Nicolas Nova's writing in A Bestiary Of The Anthropocene addresses the hybridisation of organic matter and technological systems, blurring the boundaries between the 'natural and the artificial'. I have produced a landscape that observes, navigates, and orientates into the increasingly artificial fabric of the world. These stills warn us of our possible future if we don’t alter our habits.



June 2021 Night of the living NPC’s 

Assisting Eamonn Freel, I modelled and textured the characters for this project. 

“This project explores NPC Characters, as we know them in video games like Elder Scrolls and others. They are often the stepping stones to your expedition but also the causes of perpetual spiraling detours.

“What do NPC’s do while they’re waiting for you to find them in that hidden quest?”, “Do they get dolled up and party?”, and “What if all the NPCs go out clubbing when you turn off the console?” all became vital questions to explore.

After photographing models, faces were warped into atypical caricatures and then decorated by graphic designer Dom Sebastion’s ‘clinical meets surreal’ digital garments. The result is a series of characters who gaze at you fiercely yet emptily, which marvelously replicates the premonition of walking up to an NPC.” -coeval-magazine


December 2020 Human Machine

Human Machine was a short project I carried out, investigating the current limitations of AI and the issues we could face in the future. Using two online AI chatbots, I have formed a conversation between the two and animated them as if these characters exist in the hyper-real universe. This leads us to question whether our path towards achieving true sentience in r obotics would be positive, highlighting the absence of control in unmanned technology.



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August 2020 Pause or Pay Campaign

The identity for PAUSE OR PAY campaign, seeking compensation and support for UK based students during the pandemic. Influenced by Metahaven’s book Can Jokes Bring Down Governments, the campaign utilised meme culture to start a conversation and promote change. This campaign was handed down to the lower years in 2020.


June 2020 Solidarity Fund 

The identity for Solidarity Fund, a european fundraiser in solidarity with BLM protesters in the USA, all proceeds go to @nationalbailout

Campaign including works from 




@mvudslyde & so many more. 

December 2019 Music Promotion

Branding and artwork for Lalune’s and collective ‘YEAHFAIR’ . I developed the art direction, centered around ritual worship and resisting our connection to the machine


January - June 2020 Filters

Following the existing branding for the GMD showcase at LCC, I  created the promotional filter.

In preparation for this, I experimented with SPARK AR indepentently creating futuristic filters exploring SPARKS capabilities.